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1115 E. Pike St

This classic post and beam building was designed and constructed in 1914 by architect Al Hiembach. Situated in the heart of Capitol Hill, 1115 East Pike Street has housed many different businesses in its hundred plus year history on the Hill.

The building was purchased by Anne Michelson Properties in 1999 with the goal of restoring it to its original 1914 glory. At some point between its construction in 1914 and the 1970s the front facade of the building had lost much of its historical charm when the original first floor windows were removed and covered. AMP commissioned Seattle-based Millwork Supply Company to manufacture reproductions based on photos from the Seattle city archives. In 2011 Capitol Hill Blog called it “E Pike’s nicest storefront”.


Photo of 1115 E. Pike St showing the changes made to the facade of the building before AMP restoration.

Before purchasing the building, the building was used by the previous owner as a photography studio: his studio was on the bottom floors and his living area on the top floor. In 2005, Anne Michelson’s down vest and  jacket company, Crescent Downworks, moved their sewing factory and offices into the building, occupying every floor until 2010 when they moved production to Pioneer Square.

The building currently houses the AMP offices and a non-profit organization. 


Current photo showing the restored windows and the small gallery space on street level.

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