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Current Properties


Current home to the AMP offices, this 1914 post & beam building sits in the heart of Capitol Hill. 

1423 10th Ave

This 1907 auto-row beauty has housed many different buisnesses in it's long history on Capitol Hill.

1100 E. Pike St

Since it's construction in 1912 this classic brick 3-story building has been at the center of the thriving Capitol Hill neighborhood.

304 Alaskan Way S.

Built in 1889, this building has seen a lot of changes in and around Pioneer Square in its 130 year history.

AMP SODO, office, 1949.tif
3433 4th Avenue S

Built in 1949, this property has been home to many industrial and manufacturing businesses.  There are two buildings on the property, a one story masonry building adjacent to 4th Avenue and a wood frame building behind.  building is 

Past Properties


When AMP purchased 1111 E. Pike in 1999 it had been an empty lot for more than 30 years. 

1023 E. Pike St

With its wood clapboard siding, the Winston stands out as a unique building in the center of Capitol Hill.


Once the home of Cafe Paradiso - a coffee house run by Anne - 1005 E. Pike is now home to Cafe Vita and continues to be a gathering place for neighborhood residents.

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