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Anne Michelson Properties is a property and development company focused on the preservation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings in Seattle. AMP was born in 1990 with the purchase of 1005 East Pike Street in Capitol Hill. AMP's mission is to save, restore and maintain as many buildings as we can, helping to ensure they continue to inspire for many decades to come. 

"Since my youth I've had a passion for older, turn of the century era warehouse type buildings in Seattle. I love the incredible quality of the old materials - brick, wood, metal - and how popular these spaces are with tenants after restoration."

Seattle native Anne Michelson spent her early years growing up in Queen Anne. In the late 1960's she moved to Capitol Hill, attracted to the aging brick and stone auto-row era buildings that dominated the neighborhood. In 1974 she started Crescent Down Works, a small Made In The USA down garment company that she still runs today. In 1990, with the purchase of 1005 East Pike Street, she opened Cafe Paradisio - a coffee house that served as a meeting place for residents of the neighborhood. The sale of the cafe and building helped fuel Anne's passion for restoring older Seattle buildings and is what continues to drive AMP today.




Adam Michelson

Property Manager


Jenn Kapinos

Administrative Assistant

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